2011 IFL All-Star Game
2011 IFL All-Star Game logo
Event 2011 IFL season
Date 24 February 2011
Venue New Chandler National Futsal Center, Winchester
Man of the Match Thomas Lee (Kalama)
Referee Jacob Hansen
Attendance 25,020
Weather Sunny, 66°F (19°C)

The 2011 IFL All-Star Game was played on February 24, 2011, at the New Chandler National Futsal Center in Winchester, New Chandler. The match determined the winning conference of the inaugural IFL All-Star Game, which comprises of two teams, representing each conference, made up of one player from each team in the league. The Cielo conference won the match by defeating the Tölva conference 23–21 in front of a sellout crowd of 25,020. Thomas Lee, captain of the Kalama Kiwis and Cielo team, was named "Man of the Match" for scoring the two winning goals in overtime.

Pre matchEdit

Venue selectionEdit

2011 IFL All-Star Game — bidding results
City Venue Country Result
Winchester National Futsal Center Flag of New Chandler New Chandler Yes check
Aloisa Aloisa Centre Flag of Escambia Escambia X mark
Altoria Redbird Dome Flag of Linktoria Linktoria X mark


List of TV and radio broadcastersEdit

CountryLanguageTV broadcaster(s)Radio broadcaster(s)
AIFF crest AIFF English AIFFtv
Flag of Puget Duwamish English DSN DSN Radio
Korean DSN한글 Radio Hangul
Spanish DSNFútbol DSN Radio Español


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Public VoteEdit




2011 IFL All-Star Game arena

Inside the New Chandler Futsal Center immediately before the All-Star Game.

First halfEdit

Second halfEdit

Match detailsEdit

24 February
Cielo All-Stars 23 – 21
Tölva All-Stars New Chandler Futsal Center
Attendance: 25,020
Referee: Jacob Hansen
The court of New Chandler National Futsal Center during the 2011 IFL All-Star Game.


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