Alliance of International Football Federations
AIFF crest
Type Federation of national associations
Membership 33
Official language(s) English
Tournament(s) World Cup
Confederations Cup
U20 World Cup

The Alliance of International Football Federations, commonly known by the acronym AIFF is an international governing body of association football, comprised of 34 members. The AIFF is responsible for the organisation and governance of three tournaments: the AIFF World Cup, AIFF Confederations Cup and AIFF U20 World Cup, all held since 2010.



Recognitions and awardsEdit

AIFF structured tournamentsEdit

Main article: List of AIFF tournaments

AIFF membersEdit

Main article: List of AIFF members

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Current AIFF members
Flag of Atlantic Federation Flag of Æscgeard Flag of Arcacia Flag of Atrubia Flag of Calaré Flag of Carpathios Flag of Central Texas Flag of Cincinnati Flag of Corraile Flag of Cruithness Flag of Deheubarth Flag of Puget Flag of Escambia Flag of Fairview Flag of Gansbaai Flag of Illu'a Flag of Insulo Flag of Karasem Flag of Kincathra Flag of Linktoria Flag of Lisieux Flag of New Chandler Flag of Posillipo Flag of Quinault Flag of Roumeli Island Flag of Rorysville Flag of Sarnia Islands Flag of Shushtrepistaz Flag of South Chesapeake Flag of Starfishland Flag of Stone Republic Flag of Sylvadia Flag of Tirnreich Flag of Tongolia

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