Top 10 Rankings as of January 26, 2011
RankTeamPointsUnion +/−
1Flag of Escambia Escambia237Nonesteady
2Flag of Puget Duwamish120.5Nonesteady
3Flag of Lisieux Lisieux106Noneincrease
4Flag of Insulo Insulo67COFRsteady
5Flag of Æscgeard Æscgeard54Nonedecrease
6Flag of Rorysville Rorysville51Nonedecrease
7Flag of New Chandler New Chandler50COFRincrease
8Flag of Tirnreich Tirnreich44AINdecrease
9Flag of Tongolia Starfishland26Noneincrease
10Flag of Linktoria Linktoria24AINdecrease

The AIFF World Rankings is a ranking system for men's national teams in the AIFF, currently lead by Escambia. The teams of the member nations of AIFF are ranked based on their game results and tournaments hosted, with the most successful teams ranked highest. A point system is used, with points being awarded based on the results of all AIFF-recognised full international matches.


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Full Rankings as of January 26, 2011
1Flag of Escambia Escambia237None
2Flag of Puget Duwamish120.5None
3Flag of Lisieux Lisieux106None
4Flag of Insulo Insulo67COFR
5Flag of Æscgeard Æscgeard54None
6Flag of Rorysville Rorysville51None
7Flag of New Chandler New Chandler50COFR
8Flag of Tirnreich Tirnreich44AIN
9Flag of Starfishland Starfishland26AIN
10Flag of Linktoria Linktoria24AIN
11Flag of Tongolia Tongolia22AIN
12Flag of Posillipo Posillipo16COFR
13Flag of Illu'a Illu'a10.5AIN
14Flag of Quinault Quinault10COFR
15Flag of Atlantic Federation Atlantic Federation7.5AIN
16Flag of Sarnia Islands Sarnia Islands7AIN
17Flag of T'nah Air T'nah Air5COFR
Flag of Joli Joli None
19Flag of Central Texas Central Texas3None
20Flag of La Palma La Palma2.5COFR
Flag of Carpathios Carpathios COFR
22Flag of Cincinnati Cincinnati2None
23Flag of Atrubia Atrubia1COFR
24Flag of Roumeli Island Roumeli Island0AIN
Flag of Gansbaai Gansbaai COFR
Flag of Stone Republic Stone Republic None
Flag of Altriu Altriu None
Flag of Cruithness Cruithness None
Flag of Deheubarth Deheubarth None
Flag of Kincathra Kincathra None
Flag of Polinesio Polinesio COFR
Flag of Platte Republic Platte Republic COFR
Flag of Oblast Of Óstrëlaka Oblast Of Óstrëlaka COFR
Flag of Marx Marx None
Flag of Atia Atia None

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