Linktoria Birds Nest
The Birds Nest
Location 1083 Simlympic Street, Linktoria City, Linktoria
Broke ground Feburary 2008
Opened January 2010
Owner Alex Gray
Surface Field Turf
Construction cost $600 Million
Capacity 80,000
Executive Suites 300

Linktoria Mens National Soccer Team (AIFF 2010-present)

Linktoria City Freeways (SFL 2010 present)

FC Linktoria (DPL 2010-present)

The Linktoria Birds Nest is a multi-purpose stadium in Linktoria City, Linktoria. It has served as home field for the Linktoria Mens National Soccer Team (AIFF), Linktoria City Freeways (SFL), and FC Linktoria (DPL).

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