Flag of Lisieux
Head coach Harry Brighton
Captain Jeremy Reeves
Top scorer Roland Modeste (4)
AIFF country code LSX
Ranking 7 (25 November 2010)
First international
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 1–2 Lisieux Flag of Lisieux
(Compton, New Chandler; 2 October 2010)
Biggest win
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 2–0 Toso Arroyo Flag of Toso Arroyo
(Andersen, New Chandler; 10 October 2010)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 0–1 Duwamish Flag of Puget
(Bayview, New Chandler; ATF; 6 October 2010)
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 2–3 New Chandler Flag of New Chandler
(New Chandler City, New Chandler; 13 October 2010)
Flag of Escambia Escambia 1–0 Lisieux Flag of Lisieux
(Freeport, Escambia; 25 October 2010)
Flag of Rorysville Rorysville 2–1 Lisieux Flag of Lisieux
(Ste. Pierre, Rorysville; 1 November 2010)

The Lisieuxvian national soccer team has represented Lisieux in international soccer competition within the AIFF since 2010. The team, managed by coach Harry Brighton and the Lisieuxvian Soccer Federation (LSF) is captained by star attacking midfielder Jeremy Reeves. Reeves is the youngest captain in Lisieuxvian history at only 21 years old. The LSF also oversees a related under-20 squad that began play in September 2010.



AIFF Tropics CupEdit

Team Pld Pts W L D GF GA GD
Flag of Puget Duwamish 39300514
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 36210422
Flag of Toso Arroyo Toso Arroyo 3102124-2
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 3102104-4


COFR CupEdit

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 2 2 0 0 6 0 +6 6
Flag of Insulo Insulo 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1
Flag of Gansbaai Gansbaai 2 0 1 1 2 6 -4 1

Kalama Spring CupEdit

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Flag of Æscgeard Æscgeard -
Flag of Cincinnati Cincinatti -
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux -
Flag of Rorysville Rorysville -

Schedule and recent resultsEdit


Date Venue Opponent Competition Result Scorers
2 October 2010 Eugene Dome,
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria ATC - GP 2–1 W Achille Soccerball shade 71'
Gerolamo Soccerball shade 88'
6 October 2010 Don Fierro Stadium,
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler
Flag of Puget Duwamish ATC - GP 0–1 L
10 October 2010 Great White Stadium,
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler
Flag of Toso Arroyo Toso Arroyo ATC - GP 2–0 W Stewart Soccerball shade 13'55'
13 October 2010 Fairfax Stadium,
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler ATC - QF 2–3 L Stewart Soccerball shade 10'
Gerolamo Soccerball shade 32'
25 October 2010 Escambia National Stadium,
Flag of Escambia Escambia
Flag of Escambia Escambia F 0–1 L
1 November 2010 Mountain Breeze Aviation Field,
Flag of Rorysville Rorysville
Flag of Rorysville Rorysville F 1–2 L Reeves Soccerball shade 16'
25 November 2010 Dawson Bowl,
Flag of Puget Duwamish
Flag of Puget Duwamish F 4–4 D Modeste Soccerball shade 8'18'57',
26 December 2010 Quileute Stadium,
Flag of Quinault Quinault
Flag of Quinault Quinault F TBA
27 December 2010 Riverfront Stadium,
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria F TBA

      Win       Draw       Loss


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